Nanos Medical--Regional Sales Manager
Job description:
Responsible for the sales work of the company.
1. Develop weekly work plan and submit it in time, visit customers according to plan, develop new customers and complete the assigned sales target;
2. Take the initiative to independently learn about the market situation of related products, establish, collect and update customer information in a timely manner;
3. With the ability to assist distributors to manage inventory and orders, evaluate distributors’ business development plans according to market conditions, and timely feedback the plan implementation to company management ;
4. Master relevant clinical expertise and product knowledge, with the ability to provide physician customers with product usage knowledge and solutions, with the ability to train physicians and distributors on basic product knowledge;
5. Actively participate in and complete the training required by the company in a timely manner, and pass the corresponding requirements for each training;
6. Track the bidding progress of products and feed back to the company’s management in time.

Job requirements:
1. The person is required to have at least 2 years of sales experience, with experience in surgery or ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology is preferred
2. The person must have professional knowledge and experience in related medical devices and out-of-hospital nursing products
3. He or she should be honest and trustworthy with good language skills
4. He or she is supposed to possess team spirit, being initiative, enterprising and adapts to frequent business trips.
Nanos Medical -- Key Account Manager
Job description:
1. Build and continuously optimize an academic and professional market access team that adapts to market changes and sustainable development;
2. Security operation: collect information on competing products and sales policies, and provide policy and information support for the sales team to carry out market competition;
3. Lead the early development and maintenance of the company’s target hospital products, and actively promote the strategic cooperation access to target hospitals;
4. Coordinate relevant government affairs and industry association platforms inside and outside the province (Healthcare Commission, hospital associations, pharmaceutical societies, etc.), and promote the introduction of industry policies benefiting development strategy and core product access;
Strengthen close cooperation with the marketing system, effectively integrate the company’s internal resources, and work together to promote product market access;
5. Coordinate the daily management of the provincial strategic cooperation department, formulate regional development strategies, and create an innovative mode of hospital enterprise cooperation and a team culture of nurturing and retaining talents;
6. Strengthen cooperation and exchange between the non-clinical equipment department and hospital director to escort the company’s strategic market quotation.

Job requirements:
1. Major in molecular biology, cell biology, clinical medicine, medical testing and other related professionals;
2. Own more than 3 years working experience in key customer project implementation in medical or pharmaceutical industry, or senior regional manager responsible for dean-level candidates;
3. Possess the ability of key customer management, market analysis, hospital development and business negotiation, and the person with relevant customer resources in equipment department, otolaryngology department, and medical association is preferred;
4. Be featured with strong independent working ability, good learning ability and self-management ability;
5. Be excellent in interpersonal communication and negotiation.

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