Surgical Instrument Imaging Equipment Intervention Consumable
Catheter for BET catheter
Balloon is made from imported materials with good adaptability and good bearing capacity.
Balloon is only 0.7 mm in holding diameter and is easy to pass through the narrow lesion site.
Sinus Balloon Catheter Kit
Less damage to nasal structures and normal tissues, better protection of mucosa; simple and convenient operation, suitable for day surgery
Disposable nasopharyngeal airway
It can obviously decrease the episodes of snoring, reduce AHI, and improve sleep quality. It is safe in materials, soft, comfortable, and almost intangible when in use.
Nasclear™ Sinus Dilatation System
Integrated handle for minimally invasive sinus treatment
Sinus Dilatation is applicable to the dilatation, irrigation and drainage of the sinus. (limited to frontal sinus, maxillary sinus and sphenoid sinus)